For about the last 14 years we adopted a natural life style as much as possible. This includes feeding a raw prey model diet to the dogs, limited vaccinations, no pesticide/flea/tick poisons on the dogs or in their vicinity and as always lots of healthy exercise for mind and body, which includes outings by themselves, with other dogs, training, socializing, fun and games and more.

Puppies are weaned onto raw food and are born inside my home and will grow up with lots of handling and will be exposed to daily activities in and around the house. We put up a large play yard with lots of toys, obstacles and tunnels to crawl around. By the time they leave here they are mostly house trained. I also will take them individual out to different places by the age of 7 weeks.

Astra vom                                                Sonnenschein               

3 years old

I am conservative with medical treatment and will do lots of research before committing to conventional medicine. Most likely my dogs will be treated with homeopathy or other alternative medicine. 

Allessa von Kressbach BH, SCH3, FH2 was my foundation bitch  for breeding and she lived to 14 1/2 years 

Allessa almost 14 years old. She still went on good one hour walks with no problems. But about 10 month later she started to be in lots of pain from osteo sarcoma in her front leg and I had to let her go. 

Chara eating his chicken back at 27 days 

Below is Chara with his daughter Dori. He will be 14 in May of 2015

Sonne (Varina von der Birkenheide) my second hovawart died at the age of 15 1/2. Until then she was very active and healthy and was still going on long walks.

Sonne almost 15 years

Anjo von den Duenen Flitzern AD, BH, SCH3, FH2, SAR was used as stud for my A-litter. He lived to almost 14 years. He was my heart dog!

 Finder 13 years plus - always smiling and happy  June 2009


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