My D-litter puppies were born on May 19th, 2012

Both parents are RZV/FCI/AKC registered. 

We are very excited about this litter since both the parents are from excellent RZV lines from germany. They both have outstanding character and are in excellent health even at this age. Chara will be 11 in a couple weeks and Anisette is 8 years old. This is Anisette's second litter. Last year in January she had a very healthy active and outgoing litter of pups which are now grown into wonderful young dogs.

Charakter was weaned onto raw from my last litter and raised a natural way. Anisette lives on a farm and grew up with limited vaccines, partly raw and is on all raw food for the last couple month.

Here is some good info to read before you decide that you would like a hovawart as your companion: hovawart info

more info about Chara and Anisette 

 6 healthy active puppies arrived May 19th, 2012

2 males - 1 blond and 1 black&gold

4 females - 2 blond, 1 black & 1 black&gold

 here is a short clip of the parents

April 2012

Starting on day 3 of the life of the puppies we implement the "Bio Sensor" program which was developed by the US Military to improve the performance of dogs. In this stage of life there is rapid neurological growth and development and it is believed that those exercises are of great importance.

This program utilizes five handling exercises for each individual pup and are done in addition to all the other handling throughout the day.

The following benefits have been observed in canines exposed to the Bio Sensor exercises:

1. Improved cardio vascular performance (heart rate)    

2. Stronger heart beats

3. Stronger adrenal gland

4. More tolerance to stress, and

5. Greater resistance to disease  

   First glimpse May 19th, 2012

just born - blond girl


Anisette 6 days after giving birth 

Puppies are now 14 days old. Their eyes are open and they start running around a lot and playing with each other. They even climbed already out of the whelping box. Here are some new puppy pictures at different ages:

Today on June 9th, 2012 the puppies are 3 weeks old. All their eyes and ears are open. They are active, climbing out of the whelping box, trying out their voices and having play sessions with each other. Lots of fun to watch them. They also come running when I enter the room. Here are some pictures from last week. 

Puppies 4 weeks old share a special moment with mom

in their 7th week 

waiting for breakfast   

laundry helpers 

random shots of 6 week old puppies

all black girl 

black&gold girl

Drachen at rest 

girl and boy 


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